Three ideas for a smoother integration of predictive analytics in HR

The what, why, and how of retention management analytics

predictive analyitcs in retention management — Two women of color talking in a meeting
Photo by Christina Morillo from Pexels

Problem 1: Data Enthusiasts vs. HR Traditionalists

Solution 1: Respect and kindness go a long way

Problem 2: Scepticism and desinterest

Solution 2: How to speak the language of Human Enthusiasts

Benefit 1: Saving people the trouble of finding a new job

Benefit 2: Creating a culture of honest and solution-oriented communication

Benefit 3: Giving people what they care about

Benefit 4: Step up your diversity game

Benefit 5: HR can become less biased

Benefit 6: Doing more of the fun stuff

Problem 3: Lack of competencies

Solution 3: Skill up your HR team

What is your experience?

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